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Will update you next week on what I’m up to today and why I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday.    In the meantime I hope you enjoy these flowers


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Monday Motivation

This weeks Motivational Quote

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My Friday Finds

It’s Friday again Yay!!!

This week I found the work of Diana Beltran Herrera and had to share…

Paper Art, Life Like Birds, Handmade, Diane Beltran HerreraPhoto courtesy of Colossal

Diana is an Artist who creates these life like birds out of paper.

Art, Paper, Diana Beltran HerreraPhoto courtesy of Colossal

So detailed and realistic I can’t imagine how many hours it must take for her to finish just one of these birds.

to learn more about Diana and her work visit her site here.

I’m so Thankful – we finally had rain this week yay !!!  The scrawny little trees that live needed some rain thank goodness Mother Nature provided…

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and Thank You for visiting


On Buying Art

New Art

You may or may not remember seeing the original but at that time I had yet to add the field of flowers…

Floral Landscape, hand painted, acrylic painting, ready to hang, wall decor,

I’m amazed at how different the painting appears after I added flowers.

My most recent:


Lady in long dress drinking a glass of wine.

On to my tip for Buying Art…

So the other day while on a social site for “designers” I was literally dumbfounded when I read the following comment from an Artist who shares a friends experience after the purchase of a piece of Art what she thought was “art” -  her comment is as follows:

“Also- if it is a painting you are purchasing, ask the artist what type of paint was used. If they stammer, run!   It is common for house paint trolled from the $1.00-$5.00 “oops” sections of local hardware big boxes to be used in cheap works. I have a friend who purchased a painting a couple of years ago that was quite expensive. She asked my opinion of it. I advised her that it had been done with house paint but she didn’t believe me. Imagine her surprise when a year later the paint started to flake right off of the canvas! Did the art gallery or artist allow a return…? No way. “.   You can learn more about Leisa Rich here.

So if you ever have any doubts about a potential buy just ask the Artist to tell you about their process and how they created their painting, you don’t have to have in-depth knowledge of Art much less painting to recognize when someone doesn’t give you a confident, knowledgeable response, when people lie or are trying to hide something you’ll know – more than like they’ll choke on their words.

I hope you’re having a great week.


Burgers and The Weekend

Monday Motivation

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Photo courtesy of The Most Inspirational Quotes on Tumblr

So over the weekend we went to Hopdoddy, a burger restaurant that opened in AZ about eight months ago.

Abstract Artist, Abstract Piantings, Art for Sale, Modern Art, Contemporary Art

If one opens in your area, I would walk not run…  Although my burger was good, they didn’t have the type of burger patty my husband ordered (Akaushi Beef).  His alternate order was wrong.

Abstract Artist, Food and Wine, HopDoddy, Hamburger Bar, Scottsdale AZ

Management didn’t compensate us in anyway – at least comp us the soda pop.

Fries were teeny tiny and serving size was meant for one person not two as we were told – urgh.  Not sure how it’s gotten such great reviews –  just saying.

How was your weekend?


Friday Finds – The Sweet Tooth Edition

Can you believe that as a child I didn’t care for Chocolate or any other sweet treats - weird I know.  Unfortunately today that’s all changed… I love chocolate especially if it’s warm and gooey but because I don’t like to bake I gather desert recipe’s that don’t require baking for my sweet tooth, just like these…

Salted Caramel Banana Pudding


Photograph courtesy of the Hunted Interior.

Ricotta and Coffee Mousse


Photograph courtesy of Saveur

 No Bake Oreo Truffles


Photo courtesy of Chef in Training

Cabernet Chocolate Truffles


Photo courtesy of How sweet it is

White Chocolate and Pistachio Candy Bark


Photograph courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker

Do you like to Bake ?  If so what are you favorites?


New Art

As promised today I’m sharing my most recent paintings.

I wasn’t in a very happy mood last week and I see it came through in this painting…

Black Flowers

Abstract Painting, Original Art Paiting, Black Flowers, Stretched Canvas,

Layers of various colors include gold, burgundy and hues pink throughout.

Star Gazing

Abstract Art, Abstract Original Painitng, Star Gazing, Dusk, Night Sky, Original Painting,

Woman stands after the sun has set gazing at the stars above while appreciating God’s creation.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child, Abstract Art, Original Painting, Acrylic Painting

Woman comforts her child with love.

I applied to ArtFinder and I’m hoping they accept my application - ArtFinder is dedicated to offering genuine Art created by Independent Artist’s for the new to seasoned collector.

Although I already have my own shopping cart I’m still in the process of upgrading it which is very time consuming and in addition to that I want to have several ways to expose my Art considering Etsy has become such a huge disappointment for me, more and more Etsy reminds me of another eBay.

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Favorite Motivational Quote Ever

So today I’m sharing my favorite quote ever!!!

Motivation Monday, Quote, Inspiration, Motivation, Success, Successful

Quote courtesy of Positive Thoughts Everyday.Tumblr

In my mid to late teens and even into my early 20′s I was often judged by individuals around me including family members and even a few friends of the family.  Unfortunately I was too young and naïve at the time to realize why and how it was happening.  But today as an adult when I am reminded of this time in my life I realize it was unacceptable and inappropriate on so many levels.  It could have been prevented but wasn’t – perhaps a story for another day,  I just think this is the best quote ever and wanted to share it with you also as a reminder that no one has the right to judge you regardless of your age, where you are in life or where you’re going – Live your life,

Be yourself,

 and pursue your dreams

no one is perfect and therefore no one has the right to judge you.

On another note…

I painted a lot over the past weekend and as always will share, but for now this is a preview of one of the pieces I worked on over the weekend…

Mother hugging child, Original Painting, Acrylic Painting, Paitnint on Canvas, Stretched Canvas

Will photograph the finished paintings and share with you this week.

How was your 4th of July weekend.




Happy 4th of July

 HAPPY 4th of July everyone




Summer 2014

So this past weekend the hubs and I took advantage of the reasonable rates the local resorts offer in town to lure locals to stay the weekend, considering no one in their right senses would want to visit a city that’s 110 degrees this is a way for the hotels to make some money.Marti-Magna-Artistic-Photos.jpg

That’s me getting some much needed R and R at the pool also the only way to stay cool, the minute you get out of the pool your pores open up like a faucet and the sweat fest begins.   Friends still ask me how we tolerate the excessive Summer heat - it used to be a lot easier the first couple of years but drinking a lot of water is important and staying indoors where the AC is blowing important.