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I’m late in sharing pics from this past weekend due to a little hiccup with our internet connection - thank goodness is all fixed Yay !!!

But first I just have to show you my new favorite background color…

Prints on Canvas, Fine Art Photogrpahy, Painted with Acrylic Paints

I realize Black is not an uncommon color but when it comes to canvas, most of what’s available is white.  The black canvas I have come across is always faded it never looks rich and shiny.    But when I painted this white canvas black, it turned out so nice, it is rich and looks dense on the canvas - love it!   Next week I’ll show you how it looks with the flowers I’ve started painting.

We went to a new attraction in town called Butterfly Wonderland which opened within the last year.

Fine Art Photography, Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale, Fine Art Prints

This place was absolutely phenomenal!   They run a 3D short educational video on the Monarch Butterfly (amazing creatures)

Butterflies from all over the world are in various sizes and colors…


I have never seen an Black and White Butterfly – have you?

The area they’re housed in is like a huge greenhouse


in a controlled warm and humid environment where they fly freely and if you’re lucky one may land on you.


 Obviously they’re going to land where they want to but I was trying to walk slowly I was terrified I would accidently step on one.


The next time I go I plan on taking my “real” camera with zoom lens to take more pics I didn’t get pics of all the different species that were there.   Also it’s my understanding they rotate the species according to the seasons.  whaow

Fine Art Photography, Fine Art Print, Print on Canvas, Butterfly Wonderland

Now I have to decide which one I’m going to print and frame.

Hope you’re having a great week.


19 Thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Oooh another painting! :D Oh I love butterflies! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t though! I would love to go to a place like that!

  2. I love butterflies…and these are so pretty…the black and white one is just amazing! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I absolutely love butterflies also and the many different colors. It would be hard to know which one to choose. I love your website. Thank you for sharing.


  4. I had a feeling when i saw your link to my party.. It be a work of ART… Butterflies are so beautiful..
    Thanks For sharing

  5. I love the butterflies, they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us! :)

  6. The pics are amazing!

  7. Your photos are so pretty! Wow!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  8. What are you using for the black paint on your canvas to make it richer? Would love to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  9. Love the butterflies! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Your Designs This Time!

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