Friday Finds

It’s Friday !!! Yay!

Take a peek at this simple yet delicious looking recipe from Simple Nature Décor Blog here

So if you have a WordPress blog and you’re like me who forgets to add watermarks on your pics I found this “how to”

Pamela at Over 50 Feeling  40 has inspired me to go ahead and get these guys on my feet – Thanks Pam!

 While visiting Theresa Huse over at Dear Creatives I found out that June is “Adapt A Cat” month and she was kind enough to share a picture with us of her beautiful kitty she adopted…


Ironically, we adopted our little girl from a rescue in June two years ago not knowing it was “Adopt A Cat” month and she’s turned out to be the most dog like cat I’ve ever had.   The rescue organization we adopted her from rescued her from County Animal Control with her kittens and a severe case of mastitis.


Luckily the rescue we adopted her from choose to save her from being euthanized that day, they gave her the medical attention she needed and got her ready for her new home (with us) and where she rules the roost.  Our other child is a blind kitty, also a rescue which I’ll share with you on another day.

While visiting Decorology I found what appears a fabulous book…


Learn more about it here

It’s being added to my wish list for the Holidays – Photo courtesy of Decorology

 Cheers everyone – it’s Friday !Magna-Artistic-Photos.jpg

Thank You so much for visiting, what do you plan on doing this weekend?


23 Thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Oh poor kitty! :( I am glad she has such a nice home now! We adopted our pup last year from a rescue group…she’s not a pup but she acts like she is. She is the sweetest little animal I have ever known. I really get the feeling that pets think they’re the same as their humans. LOL Love Pam’s fashion tips! That book does look great! We’re going out to a local eatery tomorrow and I am looking at getting a new computer!

  2. Thanks for sharing about adopt a cat month, along with sharing the photograph I took of Monroe. Your kitty is so pretty. Ours loves dogs too. I have to check out the floral book by Holly Becker. I love her blog & flowers. I am finishing up a photography class & crafting.Hope you have a great weekend. Drop by often! Theresa

  3. I love the cats in the photo. I have 6 of them!
    thanks for adding my recipe on Friday finds

    Hugs maria

  4. I love this post! especially the photos of the cats! I have 6 cats and I just adore them! Sometimes they are in my face when I am posting.. they are funny creatures.
    Take care Maria

  5. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday Linky Party! I love your “finds” ~ especially the cats! My cat found us, and he is the Boss around my house! :) Julia

  6. Hi Stopping by from SITS. I just did a post last night on my adopted cat JoJo. She will be 17 at the end of the month. I love cats. I would love to have more.

  7. That book looks great! The cover really intrigues me. Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.

  8. Thanks for sharing the pics of the kitties! The black one reminds me of my baby Thor, who I adopted from a friend 4 years ago and just found out he is diabetic. I actually just added him in my recent post (Avocado Lime Chicken Enchiladas) telling the story of how his diabetes was found out. He’s doing better now and has to have 2 shots of insulin a day.
    Also, those drinks look so refreshing 😉

  9. We adopted our cat from the shelter and it’s the most friendly cat we have had yet. Thanks for addressing this important topic and linking up on Wonderful Wed Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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  11. I have never heard of that watermark app, I will have to check it out. I watermark most of my photos while I’m editing in Photoshop. But, for InstaFriday posts I upload straight from my photostream and I know at least one of my pictures took off on Tumblr without any link back to me. :(

    • I forget to watermark most of the time and end up doing double the work urgh
      I love your Pug – so darn cute !!! I like your Blog:)
      Very true animals pick their humans

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